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  • is it just me or did SANS jack up its prices - TechExams. net
    is it just me or did SANS jack up its prices I took a SANS course last year, specifically FOR 408 and I remember the price was somewhere in the range of $4500 And this was sometime around last May
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    SuperMicro EPYC based for me, unless you really go nuts with software and need stuff like AVX512 (which only intel has) Just getting dual 16 cores with 512gb RAM (half what it can carry - 32 slots, uing 32gb modules) and 10 SATA (8 actually +2 NVMe) for around 10000 USD including a 2x100gigabit backbone
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    I'd say 5% of people were smart actually wanted t a career in those places and moved up, while there were also some older people who just needed a job I'd say easily though that 93% of the people there were either a temp job while looking for other things, partiers, druggies, or alcoholics
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    from me, sorry to say 2018 still seems to be the cheapest LEGO year for me in a long time Up to now there is not one set that I would call a must-have for me My wallet is more than happy though, considering that most sets revealed so far are not only mediocre but highly overpriced at the same time
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    On an absolute basis, hourly earnings are starting to pick up, but if prices are rising just as fast, that doesn’t help average consumers, the lifeblood of the economy
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    Most do they just articulate that the diminished cost of the inputs will end up with a cheaper output and ends up being a net benefit to all (sans crime) reads like the only reason to
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    Sears was having a sale recently on the jack for $90 00, and with my discount, I ended up paying right around 80 bucks The Sears motorcycle jack (or motorcycle lift, as I prefer to call it) comes packed in a hefty box
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    The FCC’s repeal of net neutrality officially kicked in on June 11th The Internet as we know it won’t end overnight The Internet as we know it won’t end overnight But with each second that passes until net neutrality is restored, it will be slowly dying as Internet providers like AT T, Verizon and Comcast raise prices , prioritize data , and eliminate competition

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