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  • US20020077835A1 - Method for valuing intellectual property . . .
    US20020077835A1 US09 726,277 US72627700A US2002077835A1 US 20020077835 A1 US20020077835 A1 US 20020077835A1 US 72627700 A US72627700 A US 72627700A US 2002077835 A1 US2002077835 A
  • The Value of Intellectual Property, Intangible Assets and . . .
    Acceptable methods for the valuation of identifiable intangible assets and intellectual property fall into three broad categories They are market based, cost based, or based on estimates of past and future economic benefits In an ideal situation, an independent expert will always prefer to determine a market value by reference to comparable
  • Want to Value Your Intellectual Property? Here Are Three . . .
    Valuation analysts and IP professionals agree there are three standard methodologies to value IP: the cost, the income and the market-based methods Here is a brief summary of each The cost approach : this method, whether based on historical or future cost, focus on substitution
  • Methods of Intellectual Property Valuation
    Methods of Intellectual Property Valuation This note addresses the methods used in valuing intellectual property, with particular emphasis on valuing patents Additionally, the note defines intellectual property and explains its growing importance in the world market Detailed descriptions of income approaches, market
  • IP Valuation | Intellectual Property Methods Valuations . . .
    IP Valuation Methods The practice of intellectual property appraisal and IP evaluation is only a few decades old, and methodologies and techniques are still evolving Nevertheless, IP and valuation professionals agree on and use a few standard IP valuation methods
  • US7188069B2 - Method for valuing intellectual property . . .
    A method of placing a discrete value on an intellectual property asset through a series of associations and calculations that determine the proportional contribution of an intellectual property asset to the competitive advantage of a related product in a real market The methodology of the present invention first associates the intellectual property asset with a related tangible asset that
  • Intellectual Property Valuation Methods | CONSOR
    Intellectual Property Valuation Methods February 2014 - The Licensing Journal Before we can properly discuss what methods are used to value a business’ or individual’s intellectual property and intangible assets, we should first discuss what actually has value
  • How is intellectual property valued when selling a . . .
    Intellectual property (IP) often represents one of the largest asset classes that a company holds, and unlocking its value is a key element in any business sale The value of intellectual property

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