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  • THE INDO-PACIFIC REGION: The Emerging Geopolitical and . . .
    The Indo-Pacific region stretches from the eastern Indian Ocean shores of Africa and West Asia to the littoral countries of the western Pacific The region constitutes the ‘maritime underbelly’ of Asia, and is the fastest growing region in the world;
  • The Emerging Indo-Pacific Security Architecture - The . . .
    The Indo-Pacific was originally conceived as a geopolitical tool to bring freedom, prosperity, and stability to the region Yet, at the same time, it has always been about balancing the rise of China and avoiding Chinese expansionism in the form of a permanent naval and military presence in both the Indian Ocean and the South China Sea
  • Indo-Pacific Geopolitics | CSBA
    Indo-Pacific Geopolitics Finally, Australia’s extended coastlines and position put in an ideal location from which to conduct peripheral campaigns in the Indian Ocean, such as maritime interception operations, in the event of conflict breaking out in the Indo-Pacific
  • Geostrategic Imperative of the Indo-Pacific Region
    Indo-PacIfIc RegIon The Indo-Pacific region is an emerging geostrategic and geo-economic concept that has been gaining significance in the field of defence and security studies It is the geographical connotation of the area which covers the Eastern Coast of Africa through Indian Ocean and Western Pacific Ocean
  • The Origin of ‘Indo-Pacific’ as Geopolitical Construct . . .
    The Origin of ‘Indo-Pacific’ as Geopolitical Construct The first is exemplified by the critical dependence of East Asia on the natural resources of West Asia and Africa via the Indian Ocean The security dimension is best represented by the U S -led Proliferation Security Initiative (PSI) launched in 2004 to counter sea-borne proliferation of WMDs,
  • The “Indo-Pacific”: Regional Dynamics in the 21st Century . . .
    Brendon J Cannon’s article concludes this special issue with a look at the western geopolitical bookend of the Indo-Pacific region: eastern Africa An outlier in any Indo-Pacific strategy, Cannon argues that eastern African states will nonetheless play an increasingly important role in the minds of policymakers in Tokyo, Beijing and, to a lesser extent, New Delhi
  • New Regional Geopolitics In The Indo Pacific
    Geopolitics of the Indo-Pacific: Emerging Conflicts, New Alliances, focuses on a region that has in recent years become of vital interest to the super-powers
  • Indo-Pacific - Wikipedia
    Strategic geopolitical context In the article, the term ‘Indo-Pacific’ refers to the maritime space stretching from the littorals of East Africa and West Asia, across the Indian Ocean and western Pacific Ocean, to the littorals of East Asia The spirit of the term was picked up by Japan's Prime Minister Shinzō Abe,

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