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Best Currency Exchange Rate in Australia

Best Exchange Rates Comparison among Australian Banks

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  • System and method for progressive jackpot wagering games . . .
    Disclosed is a gaming system for playing a progressive jackpot game including a visible meter and a deficit meter The system includes a display, a wager acceptor, player-activated buttons, and a processor A percentage of the wager defines a contribution to the game Each time the game is played the visible meter is increased by an increment amount
  • US20170345261A1 - Jackpot method and system - Google Patents
    Jackpot system for live card games based upon game play wagering and method therefore US6346044B1 (en) * 1995-04-11: 2002-02-12: Mccrea, Jr Charles H Jackpot system for live card games based upon game play wagering and method therefore US5664998A (en) 1995-06-07: 1997-09-09: Atlantic City Coin Slot Service Co , Inc
  • US20120088576A1 - System and method for providing a . . .
    A system for providing a communal jackpot includes a plurality of gaming machines Each gaming machine provides an individual game of chance to a player wagering at each respective gaming machine A communal jackpot controller is in communication with each of the gaming machines The communal jackpot controller provides a communal jackpot game to the players wagering at each gaming machine and
  • EP1577854A1 - A method of awarding a jackpot within a . . .
    A jackpot method and system for use in a communal gaming arrangement In the event that a jackpot is awarded, each player is allocated a probability of winning based upon their wagers in the relevant game, and then a random process selects the winner responsive to the probabilities It allows a jackpot to be awarded when all players have bet on a common game outcome, and is applicable to
  • US9171423B2 - Linear scatter jackpot method and system . . .
    A method for awarding a jackpot, and a corresponding gaming machine and system are disclosed The jackpot is awarded based upon the presence of scatter symbols appearing in the game outcome in a predefined manner The jackpot is preferred to be linked across multiple machines In a preferred form, scatter symbols on one reel may be in an active or inactive state, the jackpot is awarded only if
  • US6032955A - Progressive wagering system with jackpots . . .
    A progressive wagering system in which all or a portion of the value of a progressive jackpot is displayed with prize objects A bank is provided for storing, displaying, and dispensing the prize objects A plurality of wagering devices are linked to the bank for allowing players to place wagers and participate in a progressive wagering game
  • Internal Revenue Bulletin: 2015-12 | Internal Revenue Service
    In addition, this safe harbor method applies only to wagering gains and losses; it does not apply to non-wagering expenses related to gambling See Mayo v Commissioner , 136 T C 81 (2011), acq , 2012–3 I R B 285, action on dec , 2011–06 (Dec 21, 2011) (section 165(d) does not limit deductions for expenses incurred to engage in the
  • A roulette method with teeth discussed in Betting Systems . . .
    A roulette method with teeth A rating system for systems, strategies and methods Now that is a novel idea Again, any betting system can win at any time, but more times it will lose because when it does lose the losses are much larger than the wins

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