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  • US9629684B2 - Apparatus and method for treatment of . . .
    The ethmoid sinus (ES) includes ostia (not shown) for providing fluid communication to and from the cells of the ethmoid sinus (ES) and the nasal cavity For instance, ostia may provide fluid paths for cells within the anterior ethmoid sinus (AES), cells within the posterior ethmoid sinus (PES), and the ethmoid bulla (EB)
  • US9433437B2 - Apparatus and method for treatment of . . .
    Fluid communication may be improved for an ethmoid sinus by installing a port or wick in the wall of the ethmoid sinus to provide a fluid passageway across the wall of the ethmoid sinus Fluid communication for an ethmoid sinus may also be improved by inflating a balloon in a retrobullar space, remodeling the posterior wall of the ethmoid bulla to expand the transition area in the retrobullar
  • Ethmoid Sinusitis: Causes, Symptoms, and Diagnosis
    Usually, ethmoid sinusitis can be diagnosed based on your symptoms and an examination of your nasal passages Your doctor will use a special light called an otoscope to look up your nose and in your ears for evidence of a sinus infection The doctor may also take your temperature, listen to your lung sounds,
    A system for treatment of sinusitis in a patient comprising: a piercing tool for creating an artificial access passageway to a sinus cavity of the patient; a cannula having a first lumen adapted for passage of a balloon dilation catheter, and a secondary lumen adapted for passage of a visualization tool; and a balloon dilation catheter having an expandable balloon on a distal region thereof, the balloon dilation catheter being dimensioned for passage through the first lumen of the cannula
  • Ethmoid Sinusitis (Ethmoid Sinusitides): Symptoms . . .
    Presentation Having in mind the anatomical proximity of the ethmoid sinus to the eye apparatus, the distinguishing feature of this condition is the concomitant presence of pain between the orbits (or behind the eyes), as well as swelling and tenderness in that area [1] [4] Headaches are also a common manifestation of sinusitis
  • A method for the treatment of maxillary sinusitis
    There is a method of treatment of acute sinusitis by aspiration and injection in the bosom of a solution of the antibiotic, with consequent impacts magnetoacoustic podnebna (instructions for use of the apparatus for magnetoacoustic therapy Magofon-01 - 2000 - S 4) The disadvantage of this method of treatment is a long term treatment
  • Ethmoid Sinus Infection: Symptoms and Effective Treatments . . .
    Because symptoms of sinusitis may be similar to many serious diseases like lymphoma, sinus infection patients and any individual having the same symptoms are advised to check with their doctor Ethmoid Sinusitis Infection Treatments There are many treatment options for sinus infection relief Natural remedies have been used for centuries
  • Ethmoid And Sphenoid Sinusitis: Symptoms, Causes Cure
    Sphenoid and ethmoid sinusitis could be treated using antibiotics, but they’re often not necessary For one, some cases of sinusitis are due to viruses, which antibiotics don’t treat According to WebMD, most people with sinus infections (60% to 70%) recover without taking antibiotics

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