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  • Nasal Cavities Flashcards | Quizlet
    purulent rhinorrhea (thick green or yellow discharge) nasal congestion facial pain on palpation (mucos drainage channels are blocked off) fever feelings of facial fullness worsening on bending over
  • Homo sapiens diseases - Respiratory apparatus - UFRGS
    Symptoms: tussis cough reflex: the sequence of events initiated by the sensitivity of the lining of the airways and mediated by the medulla as a consequence of impulses transmitted by the vagus nerve, resulting in coughing, i e , the clearing of the passageways of foreign matter, a sudden noisy expulsion of air from the lungs; dry or non-productive cough: one not accompanied by expectoration
  • Anterior Nasal Packing for Epistaxis: Overview, Technique . . .
    Most cases of epistaxis occur in children younger than 10 years Epistaxis is more common in colder seasons and in northern climates because of decreased humidity and the consequent drying of the nasal mucosa [] Other major etiologies include inhaled medications, mucosal breakdown caused by infiltration by malignancy or granulomatous disease, and nasal trauma
    arthritis: arthrosis: tumefaction of soft tissues It is assessed with echography or MRI > conventional X-rays (arthrography is no longer used) yes : subcutaneous edema and effusion hypertrophy of synovial membrane => increased density of periarticular soft tissues; spindle, nodular, enlengthened morphology with net or confused borders
  • e-CFR Title 38 Part 4
    38 CFR 4 It is the defined and consistently applied policy of the Department of Veterans Affairs to administer the law under a broad interpretation, consistent, however, with the facts shown in every case
  • 의학용어 (가나다순) : 네이버 블로그
    의학용어      [가] 가(성)의 pseudo 가강 false lumen 가관절(증) pseudoarthrosis 가닥 strand 가도테리돌 gadoteridol
  • 和英医学用語集(内科学会 . . . - takayuki. free. fr
    和英医学用語集(内科学会1993 +循環器学会1995 +生理学会1987 ) 1997 04 21 upload この医学用語集は、北里大学医学部および医療衛生学部の学生らが入力したデータを、
  • מילון רפואי – אנגלית, ערבית, עברית | אלביאן תרגום ולוקאליזציה
    ARABIC Hebrew ENGLISH; البطن: בטן: abdomen: بطن حاد: בטן חדה (אקוטית) acute abdomen: إجهاض: הפלה: abortion: تنفيس: פירקון

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